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Monday, June 4, 2018

Cupid's advice to Christian women about how to avoid abusive relationship Four

Hi, I am cupid :)
My Resume...oh, I don't know just the god of love, marriage and relationship for at least the last 2000 years?

A common misconception a lot of people have, especially girl, is that if a guy try very hard to pursuit a girl, it mean, he like her a lot, thus, he would for certain treat her well.

And they believe, if they are willing to go that extra length, to get the girl, sweeping her off her feet, with grand romantic gestures, then he must like her a lot and would for certain treat her well. That is also a misconception.

A guy willing to go that extra length to sweep a girl off her feet and go that extra length to get a girl, only mean, 

1. he wants to possess her more, 
2. he got more money to waste on girls and/or
3. he got more free time on his hand (maybe he got so much free time on his hand, he is literally bored and is trying to kill time)

but it does not necessary mean he truly love her or care about her. 

In fact, the harder a guy try to get a girl, the more likely it is for him to be abusive. This is due to, apart from having more money or time to waste, the other reason a guy want to go that extra length to get a girl, is due to him wanting to possess her. This mean he either 

1. Want to make this girl his girl friend more
2. is more of an obsessive or possessive person
3. more likely to be the type of guy, who believe a wife is her property.

Usually Christian men are more likely to go the extra length to get a girl, then none Christians. This is due to, the influence of Christian values, which believe a wife is the property of her husband and must in all way to be submissive. 

Think of it this way, are you more likely to work hard to get a girl, to become your wife or girl friend, if you believe 
1. your wife and girl friend is your property or 
2. if you believe she is your partner or somebody you are just dating

Now, think of it this way, are you more likely to work hard to get a girl to become your wife or girl friend if you believe
1. Your wife and girl friend is suppose to be your all way submissive little bitch or
2. you believe it is not your wife and girl friend's duty to be your submissive little bitch

As a result, Cupid would also advice girls to think twice, before getting romantically involved with a devoted Christian. At least find out whether he is the type of Christian that believe the wife is the husband's property and must in all way be submissive, first.

1, Despite western stereotype believe, Asia is a society where husband is like a King and wife is like a servant and Asian women are very submissive. These are in fact all western stereotype with 0 element of truth to it. Instead, the concept of "husband is like a King and wife is like a servant" undermine what Asian value, believe about marriage. Asian believe in the importance of family and that also applies to husband and wife relationship, thus, important for both husband and wife to work hard, for the family, if the husband is to act like a King with his wife serving him on hand and knee, it mean he might neglect his duties, to the family. The influence of such Christian value and the western value of a wife should "serve and honor her husband" due to the influence of Christian value, might also be part of the reason, why many women who get involved with western women, felt the men they date to be irresponsible. In addition, traditional Asian value, do believe in the importance of honoring the elders of the family.

2. In term of middle east, despite Islam derive from Christianity, it got one advantage, which is, Christianity does not allow divorce, Islam allow divorce. 

French women, usually got a very healthy attitude, when it comes to making a determination, in regards to what sort of guy, truly love and care about you. As the most romantic country in the world, French women are use to seen men, who perform grand gesture to sweep a woman off her feet and they have long learn, just because a guy is willing to go that extra length to get a girl, sweep her off her feet, it does not mean he truly love her and as a result, a lot of time, those men are only there for the good time, once things get tough, they will run away, without even saying "see you later" 

It is to an extend where, a great majority of French women, does not even find the idea of, a guy, going the extra length to get her or to perform big gesture to sweep her off her feet, to be romantic. Instead, what they felt to be romantic, is a guy, who truly care about her and a guy that will be there for her, when things get tough. 

Monday, May 28, 2018

Cupid's advice to Christian women about how to avoid abusive relationships

My idea for a TV drama series: Pagan Gods VS Christian Gods: Diana and Lucifer


1. According to Roman mythology Diana and Lucifer are two gods, Diana is the goddess of the moon, animal and the hunt. Lucifer is the god of the sun. Also known as the "bringer of the morning light" The two gods have one child, whom is the goddess of witches, also known as the goddess of science, due to, in ancient days, people can't tell the difference between science a magic and thought science are of magical nature, thus, witches and scientists was one and the same, during those days.

2. Chinese novel, Return of the Condor Hero where the main character, 小龍女 and 楊過 in many ways fit the image of Diana and Lucifer, as a couple. Especially the lead female 小龍女  her personality in many way is the same as Diana

3. Buddhism and Hindu believe of 6 realm: The top realm is the Gods and Demons, second realm is Demi Gods and Demi Demons, third realm are humans, fourth realm are animals, fifth realm are monsters and the lowest sixth realm are tortured souls. Buddhist and Hindu believe, good karma can get a soul to higher realm and bad karma get a soul to lower realm. As a result, most on the top realm are gods. But, because both Gods and Demons are of the top realm, they are in fact equally powerful. But because the gods out number the demons, the Gods always come out on top, in the end. Good Karma helps to elevate a soul to a higher realm, bad Karma lead a soul to move to a lower level. Thus, the higher the level, the more good souls and the lower the level, the more evil soul. Thus, gods outnumber demons dramatically, due to God and Demon are of the highest realm and Demons are just evil gods. In the lowest realm there will be more evil souls then good souls. 


In the year 5AC, the Gods abandon the Roman Empire, feeling their ill treatment of slaves to be an outrage. Yahweh the god of jealously, is jealous whenever he saw any other gods been worshipped and been honored and obeyed. So, Yahweh demand for all of humans to worship him as one and only true god and to serve his will and want to kill anybody that refuse, but originally was not able to do it. But when the other gods abandon the Romans, Yahweh see his opportunity and seize control, when the other gods realized it, it was too late.

Yahweh and his men, first seize control of Europe and started moving their way, forward to conquer the world...

The demon Morgana seek revenge upon her former lover, a Roman who discarded her for the daughter of a Grand Chieftain of England, so he can become the King of England. The God of thunder, Jupiter, (also known as Thor in Northern Europe and Zeus in Greek) came to rescue the King and their child, but they didn't got here in time and the King and his wife are already dead. Morgana shocked to find the King's daughter, the princess, is in fact her own daughter, decided not to kill her, but captured her and took her away. When Jupiter and his wife Juno arrived, they saw a seriously injured child, Lucifer, who is injured after accidentally absorbing a magical toxin left by Morgana. Lucifer, is also the god son of Oceanus one of the original Titan Gods, who taught him, some basic skills, which helps him to survive the toxin of Morgana

Later, Jupitor and Juno, released the toxins of Morgana from Lucifer's body. Jupiter discovered that Lucifer is the son of the demon Pluto, which is also his brother and decided to adopt him, so Lucifer will no longer be an orphan living on the streets. Jupiter intent to train Lucifer, to replace him as the god of thunder, but every time, Jupiter's wife Juno saw Lucifer, it reminded her of Lucifer's father Pluto. Juno is also the King of the Gypsies, convinced Jupiter to put Lucifer, under her care, instead. Jupiter agreed, but Juno fearing Lucifer would become a demon like his father, refuse to teach Lucifer anything, other then philosophy of ethic.

Lucifer thought Juno was been prejudice towards him, adding to the fact, Juno's daughter Rose and Juno's two male apprentices, bashing up Lucifer everyday, one day Lucifer used the skills Oceanus taught him and seriously injured the two boys. As a result, Jupiter send Lucifer to mount Olympus, to study in the school, which himself was once a student. The principle of the school, made Lucifer the apprentice of Prefect Barachiel, but Barachiel bullied Lucifer, jealous of Lucifer coming from such a noble bloodline. Lucifer escaped from the school and accidentally came across the teenage goddess Diana. Diana and Morgana are also the last two Amazonian warrior women left, in the world. Diana broke the rule of Amazonian women and took Lucifer to become her apprentice, making Lucifer the first male, to ever become an Amazonian. The two of them, live together in a secret cave, upon Mount Olympus and grew up together and grew closer with days.

When Diana and Lucifer are learning the last and most powerful of the Amazonian magic named "the jade lesbian" they form a magic pentagon where they sat within, to gain its power via moon light. But Barachiel and another Prefect upon the school of Mount Olympus Aloadae accidentally, trespass into the pentagon and interrupted its flow of energy, causing a feed back that seriously injured Diana.

Diana and Lucifer returned to their cave, but came across Morgana who is also after the spell book of "the jade lesbian" Diana and Lucifer used the booby trap to trap Morgana within the cave and escaped and found another location upon Mount Olympus to live on and eventually bumped into Lucifer's god father Oceanus. Oceanus decided he would teach Lucifer the remain of his skill, but he didn't want Diana to see it, so, he placed Diana into a deep sleep, while he taught Lucifer.

Aloadae lusted for Diana for a long time and Barachiel whom is jealous of Aloadae been a complete teacher pet, lour Aloadae to the bed of Diana and placed him under the lust spell. Under the lust spell, Aloadae cannot, withhold his lustful desire and raped the half asleep Diana. But Diana thought it was Lucifer, when Lucifer returned, Diana told Lucifer that she is willing to be his wife. Lucifer, was shocked by this out of the blue suggestion, didn't know how to respond. Diana felt betrayed, but she didn't want to kill Lucifer and choose to leave mount Olympus. After Diana left, Lucifer realized he also love Diana and left Mount Olympus to search for her. During his journey to search for Diana, Lucifer came across three warrior that wants to kill Attila the Hun and later, in the South Pore saw the God Hyperion and his god father Oceanus two of the last Titan gods, battle each other and both of them died.

Return of the Condor Heroes (Novel) TV Series adaptation parallel scene: to Aloadae raping Diana

Later, Lucifer heard of a gathering heroes of the world, in Persia, the gathering is to fight the crusader army of Yahweh from Rome. Lucifer decided to go there, hoping to learn of news of Diana's where about. To Lucifer's surprise, the gathering is hosted by Jupiter and at the meeting are also Prefect send from the school of Mount Olympus and here Jupiter and Juno learn of how Lucifer has left that school, for many years. Diana also came here, hoping to find news of Lucifer and when Lucifer and Diana saw each other, they were over joy. During the gathering, Yahweh's top warrior Michael and Michael's two apprentices Gabriel and Raphael, also came to challenge the warriors, in a competition of battle. The two side agree, to fight three match, the first side to win two match, is the winner. Gabriel used trickery to defeat Novensides, the god of inscription. During this time, Lucifer and Diana showed up, using Amazonian sword skill, "Lesbian heart sword technique" and defeated Michael. 

Return of the Condor Heroes (Novel) TV Series adaptation parallel scene: Diana and Lucifer vs Michael at Persia

Jupiter decided Lucifer has proven himself to be an upstanding young man, wanting to marry his daughter Rose, to Lucifer. but Lucifer was rejected the offer and wanted to take Diana to be his bride. But because Diana and Lucifer's master and apprentice relationship, getting married was seen as taboo, by the gods, the two of them decided to leave Persia. After Lucifer and Diana left Persia, Rose was kidnapped by Michael. Lucifer and Diana once again fought against Michael and saved Rose's life and return Rose to Juno. Juno convinced Diana it is best for both her and Lucifer, to let go of their love, because of how society sees it. After Diana left, Lucifer, Juno and Rose once again come across Michael. Lucifer and Juno used trickery to defeat Michael and also got help from the Titan god Cronus, whom is also Juno's father.

Cronus decided to let Lucifer become his apprentice, Lucifer also learn from Flora the goddess of flower that Helen is the former princess of England, before Morgana killed her father and the Morgana is actually the princess' real mother. After rescuing Lucifer, Helen and Flora, from Morgana, Cronus started teaching Lucifer, advance skills that could let him been able to finally defeat Morgana. But, Lucifer then learned from a retarded that Cronus adopted to be his daughter that Jupiter have something to do with his father's death, suspected Jupiter to be the one who killed his father. Out of anger, Lucifer, side with Yahweh, introduced to Yahweh via Michael, Lucifer became an archangel of Yahweh. Within the camp of Yahweh, Lucifer accidentally came across the god Cupid that accidentally intrude upon the territory of Yahweh. But Cupid soon escaped the capture of Yahweh camp, but outside the camp, he was captured by a mystery third party. Lucifer, Michael and number of arch angels enter this valley outside the camp to discover what is going on here and accidentally know Uriel, the master of the cave. Cupid has already intrude upon their territory number of times, so they lay a trap to catch him. Michael wanting to recruit Uriel and his men to the camp of Yahweh and make Uriel an archangel of Yahweh.

Cupid once again escaped, but in the cave Lucifer was shocked to see Diana there. Diana refuse to acknowledge this is her identity and insist she is Uriel's fiancee. It turns out, after Diana left Lucifer, she got seriously injured once, but was saved by Uriel and afterwards, agree to marry him. Lucifer, refuse to believe that Diana is not Diana and kept asking about her identity. This outraged Uriel whom decided he is going to kill Lucifer. Diana admit her identity and saved Lucifer's life and told Uriel she will not marry him. Uriel outrage refuse to let Diana and Lucifer leave. Diana and Lucifer once again used the "Lesbian heart sword technique" and defeated Uriel, but Uriel men, pushed Lucifer into a flower bed, full of magic flower that stab you with toxin. Uriel told Diana, he would also give Lucifer the cure if she marry him. But Lucifer was rescued by Uriel's daughter, but when she tried to find the cure for Lucifer, the angry Uriel killed his own daughter and pushed Lucifer into a giant pit.

Inside the pit, Lucifer found a cripple old lady and found out the old lady is Uriel's wife, whom Uriel tried to murder by pushing into the pit, so he can marry another. For the past ten thousand years, the old lady have been surviving on the olive that grew in the cave. The olives slowly recover the old lady and then she and Lucifer jumped out of the cave and defeated Uriel. The old lady told Lucifer that her brother was also killed by Jupiter and only if he kill Jupiter would she give Lucifer the cure. Lucifer claim, Jupiter is the one who killed his father and he would be happy to kill Jupiter.

After Lucifer, Diana and Michael returned to Yahweh's camp, they learn of Jupiter and Juno has led an army to fend against Yahweh's army, in Persia. Lucifer agree to be Yahweh's spy in Jupiter's camp and when the time is right, kill Jupiter and return to Persia. Jupiter was overjoyed to see Lucifer and Diana. Lucifer on multiple occasions wanted to kill Jupiter, but was touch by Jupiter's self sacrifice to protect people of central Asia, against the wrath of Yahweh and his men.

Yahweh send his envoy to Jupiter's camp, to ask for a peace talk between the two camps. Jupiter agree to talking to his nephew Yahweh, not knowing Yahweh has set a trap for him. But, with Lucifer's help Lucifer and Jupiter escaped from the trap. But after returning to Persia, Jupiter was also seriously injured and in the same time, Juno whom is pregnant, gave birth to a baby girl. Lucifer and Diana did their best to protect the baby girl, but the child was stolen by Michael, hoping to use her as hostage. Lucifer and Diana went after Michael, but in the chaos of the fight, the baby was once again stolen by Morgana. Morgana thought the child was that of Lucifer and Diana, refuse to gave it to Lucifer and want to personally train her and shape the child to grow up becoming her type of Amazonian woman. But on the other hand, Morgana worked with Lucifer to defeat Michael and his men. In the chaos, Lucifer and Diana lost each other. Lucifer kept following Morgana whom have the baby girl and came across the two male apprentices of Juno, both wanting to marry Rose, they started fighting each other. To stop the conflict between the two of them, Lucifer lied saying Jupiter and Juno already agree for Rose to be his wife and ended the conflict and the three of them, then worked together and defeated Morgana. But Morgana still escaped with the baby. The two apprentice of Juno was seriously injured due to absorbing the toxins of Morgana. Knowing he does not have long to live, Lucifer sucked the toxins into his own body and fainted, when he woke up, Lucifer found himself back in the camp of Jupiter. Jupiter expalin to Lucifer, by absorbing the poison, it actually allows to neutralized some of the existing toxin in his body, allowing him to live longer.

Rose return to Persia and learn about her baby sister been captured by Morgana and the rumor that she is engaged to Lucifer, she went to confront Lucifer and in a blind rage, she grabbed Lucifer's sword, "the lesbian sun sword" and chopped off Lucifer's right arm. Lucifer escaped from Persia and found himself been saved by a giant eagle, this eagle is Horus, the god of the sky. Horus slowly nurse Lucifer back to health and trained Lucifer in more advanced skills. Eventually Lucifer fully recovered, he left Horus seeking Rose for revenge. But Rose was saved by Juno who defeated Lucifer. Juno decided to send Rose to Japan, but on the road, they came across Morgana and recognized the baby girl in Morgana's arm is her own daughter, planning to steal her baby back from Morgana. To her surprise, Morgana came all the way to Mount Olympus.

After Diana and Lucifer split apart, Diana finally heard of Lucifer's news but, heard of the rumor of Lucifer and Rose is to marry. Diana thought it is true and plan to leave Persia. But accidentally heard overheard Aloadae and Barachiel talking, where Barachiel threaten to tell everybody about how Aloadae laid with Diana that night, if Aloadae does not step down as Chief Prefect and give that position to him. An angry Diana wanted to kill Aloadae and Barachiel and chased after them, all the way to mount Olympus. On the way they came across a large army of Yahweh, led by Michael, planning to conquer Mount Olympus first, the last strong hold of the Pagan gods in Europe. Barachiel hoping to be Chief Prefect, agree to join force with Michael and became an archangel of Yahweh. Barachiel, Michael and their army, seek to first defeat the most powerful god on Mount Olympus Cupid. But Cupid was warned by Diana. To thanks Diana, Cupid taught Diana his unique combat style that allow any god, to at the same time, to have the fighting power, of four.

Return of the Condor Hero (Novel) TV Series adaptation parallel scene: Diana wanting to kill Aloadae

After Diana and Cupid escaped from Michael and Barachiel's trap, they came to the school upon Mount Olympus. The five professors of the school, was training on the top of the mountain. The chaos forced the five professors to come down from the top of the mountain and return to the school. Michael, Barachiel and Yahweh's army charged into the school. But Diana wanted to kill Aloadae with her own two hands and started fighting Barachiel and Michael and to saved Diana's life, Aloadae used himself as a human shield against Barachiel's sword. During the time, the five professor of the school just got back to the school, they saw Aloadae dead and out of revenge attacked Diana, seriously injured her. Lucifer who just returned to Mount Olympus noticed something odd is going on, he first placed, Juno and Jupiter's daughter in the secret cave that he and Diana lived in and went up to the school and used the sword of Horus to defeat Micahel, Barachiel and all of Yahweh's men. Lucifer and Diana got married in the school, ignoring the opposition of the professors and students of the school and return to their home, the secret cave. In the cave, Lucifer and Diana tend to their wound, in the same time, Juno, Rose and Juno's two apprentices also came to Mount Olympus, with the help of Morgana, they enter the secret cave, where Lucifer and Diana live. Rose wanted to use the opportunity to kill Morgana, but her arrow hit Diana instead. Angry, Lucifer picked up Diana and left the cave, but, the double injury mean, there is no cure for Diana, which can only now wait to die.

But after leaving the cave, Diana and Lucifer bumped into Neptune, the god of the sea, also known as Poseidon the god of the sea and his apprentice. It turns out Neptune's apprentice, is the brother of the old lady within Uriel's valley and think he can convince her to give Lucifer and Diana their cure. When the four of them arrived at the valley, they were surprise to find, Juno, Rose and Juno's two apprentices are already here. Morgana is also here. Lucifer returned Juno's baby daughter to her. Morgana fall into bed of toxin flower, she managed to survive by sacrificing her apprentice, but it was too late, for her to escape the toxin effect.

The old lady within Uriel's valley told her brother it is Juno and Jupiter that killed their older brother, causing him to loose his calm and try to kill Juno. But Juno transformed into the appearance of a woman, he once killed when he was still a demon, leading him to put down his hate and desire for revenge.

The old lady then spit out three swords from her mouth and made the a bet with Juno that she will throw the three swords at her, if Juno can refuse dogging the sword and catch the three swords with her mouth and eat it and not be injured. she will give them the pill. Juno easily caught all three swords and ate it and was not injured. During the same time, Uriel whom has been exile from the valley joined force with Morgana and successfully stole the cure to the toxin flower. Although Diana managed to defeat Morgana and Uriel and take back the cure, they realized only the Yan pill that cure male alive, the Yin pill that cure female are all destroyed. Lucifer, not willing to survive without Diana destroyed all the Yan pill. Morgana was captured by, they threw her into the be of toxin flowers and set the bed of toxin flower on fire and killed Morgana in the process. Uriel and the old lady, both died, as they try to kill each other.

After seen the male pill, Juno has figured out, how to create the male pill to cure Lucifer. She created five pills for Lucifer and asked Diana for her help to find a way to let Lucifer eat the medicine. Diana thought for a while and wrote on a stone wall "Meet here again, in one thousand years, our love is true, you must show up." and then jumped down into a pit, that enter the central of the earth and then suck her into a black hole. Lucifer, does not understand what is going on, Juno quickly said, this is a sign, the goddess Venus, has come to help Diana, but need to take her away to Venus first and Diana will arrived back on earth again, in one thousand years. Not sure, whether Juno was telling the truth or lying to him, Lucifer ate the pill, hoping to see Diana again, in one thousand years. 

For the next one thousand years, Lucifer remain in the shadow, watching over Europe, whenever he saw unjust took place, due to the Church practice inquisition or other influence of Christian value, Lucifer would do get involve. Because for so many time, Lucifer protected people from been persecuted for violating the teaching of the church, thus, allow people to be seduce by their desire to act in a manner that contradict the church, the church label Lucifer as a great evil and seducer that seduce people to conduct acts of evil. However, there was also those who love Lucifer in secret but does not dare to speak of it. Lucifer, also once transformed himself, down to earth and was known as Merlin and later Robin Hood. The baby daughter of Jupiter and Juno has now grew up and was named Persia, after the place she was born she and her sister Rose was invited to attend another gathering of gods, upon mount Olympus. While returning to central Asia, Persia heard of the story of Lucifer, while he reveal himself to men as Robin Hood. Intrigue by the story, Persia follow the crowd to the place, legion say to be once Robin Hood's home, Persia accidentally witness Lucifer exercising his wrath upon three Christian priest that is to execute three women for practicing witchcraft, where Lucifer first rescued the women, by letting the sky rain, thus, ended the fire that is to burn the women on the stake and then call upon lightening to strike down upon the the priest that ordered the execution, killing the priest on the spot. The mortals cannot see this is Lucifer exercising his magic, but Persia can. Persia then follow Lucifer to the South Pole, where a woman name Psyche live, Psyche is over 5000 years old, once a beautiful princess, Psyche is now an elderly lady, she is the lover of Cupid, to find a magical fox. Psyche became a priestess of Neptune, but was seduced by Cupid and seized been a virgin and when her baby's life is in danger haunted by demons, Neptune refuse to help her. Neptune since then felt guilty and came to the South Pole to ask Psyche for her forgiveness. There Lucifer, saw Cupid, Psyche and Neptune was able to finally put their unpleasant past behind them and Cupid and Psyche finally got back together and Cupid gave Psyche back her youth. Psych allow Lucifer two drops of tears of her magic fox, the tears that is needed, to exile the demon within the body of the Emperor of China. The royal family of China thanked Lucifer, with a great deal of gratitude, not knowing Lucifer is actually a god, but thinking he is merely an ordinary doctor. Rose also came to China, to find Persia and only now did Persia realized this Lucifer, is also the one that saved her life, as a baby.

Lucifer gave Persia three silver needle and told Persia that each needle allow Persia to make one wish for Lucifer to grant. Persia made her first and second wish on her spot, which is to see Lucifer's face, as he for the past three hundred years only walk around wearing a mask and then it is for Lucifer to make an appearance at her birthday party. 

When Persia and Rose return to the Middle East, Jupiter and Juno was creating another gathering of the Gods. They also heard the news, the current King of the Gypsies has been killed (Juno have long abdicated) by the Christians. To avoid letting the Gypsy King's grave been violated by the Christians, Rose and Persia, took his body to Africa and bury him there. But was suddenly attack by an army of Yahweh's men, but a mystery man showed up and killed all of Yahweh's angels that was send to kill Rose and Persia. After Juno heard the news, she suspect that this man to be Lucifer and fear he would seek Rose for revenge, for his lost arm. However, it turns out, on his way to Persia's birthday party, Lucifer attacked the logistic supply of Yahwehs' army both in heaven and on earth and then send a giant sand storm and let the front line of the Crusader army of the Catholic Church to died from been bury alive by the sand storm. Lucifer also found it is Michael's former apprentice archangel Raphael that killed the Gypsy King and his plan to then kill the Gypsy crown prince take his form and become the next Gypsy King, after doing all these, Lucifer came to Afghanistan to attend Persia's birthday. Here, Lucifer once again met his former teacher the Titan god Cronus and through Cronus' mouth, Lucifer learn, Juno lied to him, about Diana going to Venus and that the goddess of Venus, is really the goddess Aphrodite, whom have already travel between Venus and earth, many time, for the past one thousand years. 

Juno told Persia about how it is Rose who chopped off Lucifer's right arm and now finding out, she made up the story of Diana returning after one thousand years, she does not know, what Lucifer will do, as a result and advice Persia to stay away from Lucifer. But Persia fear that Lucifer would suicide, if he cannot meet Diana, went to find Lucifer, with his last Silver needle, telling him, her last wish is for Lucifer not to die, but on her journey, she was captured by the Archangel Michael

Lucifer, not able to meet Diana, jumped down the same pit and was sucked into the same black hole. After been sucked into the black hole, Lucifer found himself exiting, on another plan, in the other corner of the universe. It was not a part of a plan, but there was a small valley, water magically appeared and fall down a waterfall and run down a small river, where the water again magically disappeared at the end of the plan. Lucifer walked down the plan and found a small cave and that somebody live there, he also saw the weapons of Diana, "the lesbian moon sword" and the cloud whip, a whip made completely of clouds. Lucifer found Diana there and learn the water here, can cure all toxins. 

Horus entered this plan and with the help of Horus, Lucifer and Diana opened a warm hole and returned to earth. 

After learning about how Michael has captured Persia, Yahweh led an army of his angels, to Jupiter's camp. Outside the camp of Jupiter's army, Yahweh order for Persia to be tied up and prepare to burn her to death, if Jupiter and his army refuse to surrender, so that Yahweh and his army, can move East and conquer Asia, India, Africa and the rest of the Middle East and eventually take his army to conquer America and then the rest of the galaxy. But, Michael whom hope to make Persia, his apprentice hesitate when Yahweh order for Persia to be executed. Lucifer, Diana and Horus came forward and battle the army of Yahweh and his angels. Jupiter order his army to attack and engaged Yahweh's army. As the two army fought, Lucifer engaged Michael, but Michael was defeating Lucifer. Lucifer thought of how after been split from Diana for one thousand years, they are to be apart again, with his death. A drop of tear fall down Lucifer's face, Lucifer grabbed the tear with his palm and threw it towards Michael, it place Michael under a spell, where he see his own sad story. Michael admit he is at fault for serving Yahweh, in exchange for power, turned around and saved Persia's life throwing her out of the pit of fire and to Lucifer. Michael himself fall into the fire pit and died. Lucifer place Persia into safety and join force with Horus to defeat Yahweh. Lucifer threw a lightening strike towards Yahweh, which seriously wounded Yahweh. Yahweh's body guards carried a seriously injured and unconscious Yahweh into hiding, before Horus and Lucifer can kill him, what is left of Yahweh's army crumbled. 

With the army of Yahweh finally been defeated in the 16th century, the gods.divided the world into five districts, to be save guard by five gods. The East is safeguarded by Cronus, the west is safeguarded by Lucifer, the south is safeguarded by Neptune, the North is safeguarded by Jupiter and the center is safeguarded by Cupid. Persia start working on the process of recovering the land of Europe from one thousand year of the rule of the church, Persia possessed the body of a dead English princess, which has been locked in a tower to be starved to death by her sister Queen Mary the bloody, who killed half of the English population. With the possession of a god, the locked away princess could survive for years without eating or drinking and when her sister Queen Mary died, the locked away princess became the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth the first and push for the initiation of Christian religion reform, after defeating the army of the church.  Diana and Lucifer, before disappearing from the world, wrote three books to be left for the world, the first book would inspire Catholic Priests to travel to China, they whom went their hoping to convert the Chinese, would instead be inspire by their way of thinking and bring their ideals back to the west, translating their text into Latin. The next book would inspire a generation of soldiers and led to General Napoleon to overthrow the rule of the church. 

Cast Idea

Brandon Jay McLaren as Lucifer

Teresa Palmer as Diana
Donnie Yen as Jupiter

Ming-Na-Wen as Juno

Alyssa Milano as Morgana

Anthony Head as Archangel Michael

John Hannah as Yahweh

Return of the Condor Heroes (Novel) 2014 TV series adaptation trailer

Return of the Condor Heroes (Novel) 2006 TV series adaptation trailer

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