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Why should we support Satan and Lucifer, over Christian god Yahweh

In an earlier post we talked about what the anti christ really is and why we should not fear it.

This time, we would like to talk about Satan and Lucifer, the ultimate demon in Christian mythology.

First, we need to know where the word "Satan" origin from.

The word Satan originally meant adversary, in ancient middle east, it was commonly used by early Yahweh worshipers. Even in pre Judaism mythology, the god Yahweh does not get along with the other gods and is on bad terms with them, thus, early Yahweh worshipers frequently refer to other gods as Satan.

Later, with the rise of Judaism amount Yahweh worshiper, Yahweh worshipers start to believe Yahweh to be the one and only true god and all other gods to be evil demonic false gods, which is a believe that still exist in modern Christianity. As a result, later in Hebrew, all other gods merged together to become a single demon name Satan, in Judaism and Christian mythology. Thus, the word Satan, can also argue to be a reference to all other gods, other then the Christian god Yahweh, which Christianity accuse to be evil demonic false gods. Naturally, this article, does not support this Christian view and say, if the gods are real, then those are other gods, other than Yahweh, are not evil demonic false gods.

When we research the origin of the gods, we frequently find, all of the main gods in every religion world wide, are really the same, it support the believe, all of these gods, already exist in human mythology, prior to the first human left Africa and when human migrate to other parts of the world, they bring their religious believe with them. One of the most significant is the goddess Ishtar and the god Tammauz. Another significant figure is Lucifer and Yahweh. All of these gods, can be trace, as far back as ancient Egypt, but all exist in different forms in every religion in the world.

But we are getting ahead of our self. First let's talk about Yahweh. How Yahweh emerged, puzzled many historians, However, we can also find an Egyptian root.

There are strong evidence to support Yahweh, can be trace back to the Egyptian god Seth. Seth is the brother of the god Osiris. Osiris got a wife name Isis. (I know, same as the terrorist's initial, WTF?) Early mythology says, when the world first emerged, humanity was chaotic and uneducated, people suffer in the chaos, until Osiris and his wife Isis, came down to earth and help to create a system of order and educate the people. The people are so grateful to Osiris they made Osiris their King. Osiris' brother Seth, was jealous and plan to stage a coup against him. Seth, tricked Osiris into a coffin and drawn him and successfully coup against Osiris rule and made himself King. Under the rule of Seth, the world sank into a chaos and suppression, worse then ever before. Isis, went into hiding in the Nile river, with her son, Horus and only come out during the night. When Horus grew up, he challenge Seth and a great war took place. The King of the god Ra, feared Horus as a mere teenager, does not have what it take to be King of the earth, plan to let Seth continue to be King, despite objection from men of the world, thus, it was decided for Seth and Horus to compete and whoever win would be King, Seth and Horus compete for 80 years, but neither can win, while the land suffer.

The God Osiris

Wanting to end the suffering of humanity soon. Isis, transform into a beautiful woman, who is a damsel in distress and told Seth that her brother in law, killed her husband, took what is of his brother and denier her son, what is rightfully his, from his father. Seth, thinking with his penis rather then his head, vow to give justice to this woman. Thus, Isis, returned to her true form. Shocked at how he vow justice against himself, Ra now declare for Horus to be King, with Isis ruling on his behalf. Isis thus exile Seth into the desert and is never to return.

The Goddess Isis

Seth is the god of storms, desert, evil, chaos and war.

The Demon God Seth

It is said Osiris and Isis got 3 children, including Horus, who got the head of a falcon, a second daughter got the head of a lion and a 3rd son, who is the god of fertility and got a huge penis.

The God Horus

By the time people reach north to the middle east, Osiris, become known as Tammauz, the god of agriculture (probably due to the importance of agriculture in rise of a stable human civilization) and King of heaven and earth, Isis, become known as Ishtar, the queen of heaven and earth. Seth become known as Yahweh, but is not known to have biological relationship with Tammauz. In the middle east, Tammauz and Ishtar got no children, but Ishtar is accompany by 3 pets including a falcon (or an owl) a lioness and a serpent (which is the symbol of fertility in the ancient world) Tammauz, got a significant absent of appearance and is known as nothing more then Ishtar's husband. While, in Africa, Osiris and Horus are the main god, and Isis is only been known as a mother and a wife. Here in the Middle East, Tammauz is close to none existence and only known as Ishtar's husband, while Ishtar is the heavy weight god, even Horus, become only known as a pet falcon of Ishtar. While, the Babylonian widely worship Ishtar and don't worship Yahweh, they don't really got much of a problem with Yahweh, while west to them at modern Israel, the most widely worship god is Yahweh and it got lots of problem with Ishtar seen her as the enemy. This can even be found in the bible's book of revelation, many reference to Satan in this, resemble the appearance of Ishtar and accuse her of been a slut, thus accusing her of evil. This ultimately led to the Israel and Babylonian war, where Israel invaded Babylon. The war lasted for 14 years, with the ultimate defeat of Israel and been conquer by Babylon, this recorded in the bible, portray Israel as the victim. To end the threat, Babylon seek to destroy the Yahweh faith, but later Babylon was defeated by the Persian Empire, which allow the Yahweh cult to exist.

The Goddess Ishtar

In many other culture Ishtar and Tammauz took other forms. Further East Ishtar become known as Innann. portray as a woman who stand upon a lioness and then further to India in Hindu, she is Devi a mother of heaven and earth, who keep the demons away and ride a lion, she got 4 heads and 8 arms.

The Goddess Devi

Moving North to the Middle East, in Greek, she was split into the goddess Athena, who is accompany by an owl (or falcon) and got a serpent on her shield and the goddess Aphrodite, the lioness goddess become a male god, the son of Aphrodite the god Cupid. In Rome, Ishtar become the goddess Liberta, Horus who is already the god of sun, become known as the god Lucifer, also, the god of sun. Further North in Germanic faith, she become known as the beautiful goddess Frya, whose husband was turned into a sea monster by a curse, thus she forever choose to live by the sea, Frya ride a carriage, pulled by two blue lioness. A further form of Ishtar, become a woman whose top half is that of a woman and the bottom half is a serpent or top half is a woman, the bottom half is a dragon, this form become her common appearance in China, known as Nuwa and in early Christian mythology the demon goddess Lilith.

The Goddess Athena

The myth of Nuwa and the demon goddess Lilith, also show correlation with the story from Egypt. It is said, Nuwa, was cast out of heaven and came down to earth, she live by the yellow river of China, feeling lonely, she used mud to create living been in her image and create all animals on earth. Nuwa married Fuji, the god of fire. And with the help of Fuji, they taught men how to make fire and use agriculture to live so they won't starve to death. When it was time for Nuwa to return to heaven, Fuji stay on earth, to watch over men kind and become the King. However, the god of water, jealous of Fuji been King try to rebel, but was defeated by Fuji. Angry, the god of water decide, if he can't rule this world, he would destroy it and flooded the earth. Nuwa, return to earth and used a magic rock to seal the portal where the flood water is from and then killed the black dragon, hurting men kind.

The Goddess Nuwa

In the story within Christian mythology, it said, Yahweh created Adam and Lilith via mud and order for them to be marry. But Adam is a typical case of abuse to women, thus Lilith left and went to live by the red sea, there she married Tammauz a demon and gave birth to 100 babies per day, till the world is filled with her children. Yahweh, angry at Lilith for her defiance send 3 angels to tell Lilith to return and if Lilith refuse, flood the earth to kill her children. Lilith refused and the angels send the flood, so, Lilith killed the angels. The story then got 2 ending, the first said, Lilith despite killing the angels was not able to save her children and was driven into the abyss. The other said, since then, Yahweh kill 100 of Lilith's children per day and as revenge, Lilith would use her lust to seduce children of Yahweh and suck dry their life source. This story was later taken out of the bible.

Further east, to places such as Taiwan, the native Taiwanese prior to Chinese colonization speak of a story saying a demon created a great flood to flood the earth, till a giant serpent (or dragon) goddess came and drove the demon away. But the goddess was too late and only one boy and one girl remain (Adam and Eve) The goddess raise the two child, everyday feeding them a fruit of knowledge, which is forbidden by the demon, so one the two child can grow wise and can fend for them self.

The Goddess Lilith getting Adam and Eve to eat the fruit of knowledge, which the demon god Yahweh forbid. 

The story within the book of revelation of the bible, is actually a reflection of the battle between Ishtar and Yahweh, which despite the bible claim for Yahweh to be the good guy and Ishtar to be the bad guy, Ishtar is in fact the good guy. Only the bible got a distorted version of good of evil and within this distorted version of good and evil, it make Yahweh the good guy.

Our pop culture version of this story, is very different from the biblical version. Our pop culture version images Satan coming down to earth with his demon to destroy the world and the angel of Yahweh, come to defend men kind under the leadership of Michael.

The bible version, is very different and see similarity to the original Egyptian story, where Seth wanted to be King. In the bible version, it speak of a story, where originally Yahweh and his 4 Generals, Chaos, War, Death and Justice (remember Seth is the god of Chaos, war, evil, desert and storm, seen the similarity yet?) was originally been sealed away, until a group of Yahweh worshipers free them, Yahweh and his Generals, then released the angels of Yahweh and declare war, on Babylon, who worship other gods, which the bible claim to be doing evil (It accuse people of doing evil for worshiping other gods) Yahweh order his angel to kill anybody who does not worship him as the one and only true god, (and because the bible accuse people of doing evil for not worshiping Yahweh as the one and only true god, it claim, Yahweh's order of mass murdering these people as justice.) A great battle took place, Yahweh had 7 angels that blew 7 trumpets which led to 7 plagues upon his enemy, but then Satan came and protected the people of Babylon, against the army of Yahweh (Thus, the bible accuse Satan of doing evil), The reference to Satan here, all reflect the image of Ishtar, Satan was been refer to as mother of dragons, which is also something Ishtar was frequently been refer to as, she ride a lion, the bible call her a slut (and Ishtar was known to have many lover before her marriage to Tammauz, and although she was not been portray as a woman with many lover in Egyptian, it was her seduction, that led Seth to finally lost his crown) She was been refer to both the dragon and the serpent. In addition at one occasion she was also referred to as a woman whose top half is woman and lower half is serpent, came out of the abyss to kill the 2 witnesses of Yahweh. In the bible it said the 2 witness of Yahweh, torture people of the land, till Satan kill them and people celebrated. The angels of Yahweh then gather every single men, woman, elderly and children that does not worship Yahweh as the one and only true god into a wine press and start squeezing and the blood of these people float out and for that the angles of Yahweh cheer, calling it justice. The biblical story ended saying, Satan led army from 4 corner of the world and had the city of Yahweh surrounded and regain all land, that is lost to the army. Yet, against all logic, the bible claim, Yahweh was able to defeat this army and then Yahweh destroy the world and led his follower to a new world.

The story of the book of revelation, might also be a reflection of the Israel Babylonian war, but with an alternative ending, where Israel won, despite in all logic, it was not possible. This is most evidence by within the bible, it said in the new world created by Yahweh, there is no temple of Yahweh, because Yahweh is the temple itself. It is known in actual history, after Babylon conquer Israel, they torn down all temples that worship Yahweh and disallow the worship of Yahweh. This is where Judaism first emerged, where the Yahweh cult become a religion of the paper and people must gather once a week to study the Torah. This also reflect the same story within the war between Seth vs Osiris, Horus and Isis, which demand to be King due to jealousy and demand complete obey and subjecting (here to worship Yahweh as one and only true god and as we all know in Christian believe, a most important thing, is to serve Yahweh, do you see the similarity between this and the Seth story?)

Some evidence support Lucifer might actually also be Jesus. Thus, the heavenly father Jesus talk about, isn't Yahweh, as Christians believe, but instead is Osiris. Some evidence suggest, in some mythology Lucifer and Horus both demonstrate the been born on 25th of December, become a child teacher (or a child King) at 12 years old, got 12 students (or 12 ministers), baptists at 30, betray by one of his students (or ministers) and was killed but raise from the dead in 3 days. While, there is no evidence suggesting Isis, gave a virgin birth to Horus, what historians found, saying Isis is Horus' mother is only one version. In another version, Horus is the younger brother of Osiris, whom got a different mother and in that version, Horus is born of a virgin birth. What historian further found is that, the idea of Jesus is of virgin birth, got 12 students, become a child teacher at 12, baptist at 30 and raise from the dead after 3 days, was all added to the story later. The original story, merely say a pro Roman Jew name Jesus visit Israel, after consulting with the leader of Israel and it was more in parallel to the story of Emperor Tiberus' visit to Israel, suggesting, the original Jesus in history, was really Roman Emperor Tiberus, later with the story of Horus combine into one.

So, now you know the true form of Satan, is not, a demon, but are really, many other gods, which the Christian god Yahweh do not get along with and the true form of Christian god Yahweh and Lucifer has been unmasked, obviously the wise choice, is to side with the Satanic gods and Lucifer (Horus) over Yahweh, just like the many ancient people did.

Osiris, Isis and Horus
Isis and baby Horus

(And if you are the religious type, then I just want to point out a few more things, prior to Christian era, the western world got the mighty Roman Empire and the great Greek civilization, but since the rise of the Christian era, the Roman Empire fall and Europe sank into the dark ages, with inquisition, crusades, black plague and the average people live only to 35, despite human can live to 80 if die of old age. By the 17th century, with greater contact with the outside world, a new generation of thinker emerged in the west and people started pulling away from the bible, with that, we started seen the age of enlightenment, the foundation of modern western liberal and pro human right value emerged and the revival of Roman democracy and for the first time in human history the western world was the most powerful region in the world, during the 19th century And if that isn't enough to convince you, the statue of liberty is base on the goddess Liberta which is a Roman version of Ishtar)

So, after saying all this may I add this final statement "Hail Satan"

Thanks for reading
Mr. 666

(Not bullshitting you, my birth sign really is 666. Born on the 6th of June 6AM)

For Chinese readers: (Satan = 沙但) (Yahweh = 耶和華) (Lucifer = 路斯法) (Nuwa = 女媧)

沙但萬歲 萬歲  萬萬歲!!!

An 8 minutes short episode of Chinese animated series about the goddess Nuwa/goddess Ishtar


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