Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Is the London fire the work of evil Yahweh, can Satan protect us from his evil?

London seem to have stream of evil bad luck. First, it is 3 terrorist attack in a row. Today, the most unexpected fire, something a fire fighter say, they never seen, within her over 20 years experience as a fire fighter.

Buddhism and many pagan religion speak of the believe of something call "substitute ghost" (替死鬼) the believe is that, each soul is to come down to earth and reincarnated for a set period of time, until his/her journey on earth has ended, then, he/she will die and the soul would move on . 

When people died before their time, their soul would remain at the place where they die, frequently, having to die again and again and again, until it is finally time, for that soul to move on. For the souls this is a most painful experience. As a result, sometime the ghost would via super nature mean kill a living person, so that person's soul would become his/her substitute ghost, so the original ghost can move on, to the next life.

In the western world, this sort of believe, was been suppressed by the Catholic Church since it took power in the 5th century. It can be argue, the true interest of the church, at least, then church, was not the well being of the people, but its own selfish interest. 

Those who have read previous posts of this blog, that explain the concept of Satan and the Anti Christ. Would know, the Anti Christ, is a general reference to everything that is not of Christianity, not from Christianity, independent from Christianity, contradict Christianity or not subject to Christianity, which the bible accuse to be false, evil and demonic. This include not only other religions, but also stuff such as science. Thus, example of Anti Christ, include Buddhism, Hindu, Public High School, Public University, your third grade math teacher, evolution, medicine. In fact, the bible went further to say, that education is a sin and one should not learn independent from the bible. It also say authority other then Christianity is a sin (including democracy) and only legitimate authority is that of Yahweh and his priests and anybody who don't listen to them, must be killed

The term Satan, is a reference to all other gods in general, which Christianity, believe to be evil demonic false gods pretending to be gods. The word Satan originally meant challenger, in ancient Babylon, which early worshipers of Yahweh believe all other gods to be Yahweh's challengers, as they protect the world from having to submit to the rule and will of Yahweh or to serve Yahweh. Until later in Hebrew, the translation, combine all other gods into a demon name Satan. 

Very obvious, all of these scream, the word of somebody who is only interest in using religion to secure their power. First by vetoing education and then vetoing other authority and then accusing everything else, not of its religion to be evil. 

For those of you who still don't know, the god of Judaism, Christianity and Islam is the same god. Even in pre Christian mythology, it is well recorded how the god of these 3 religion, then known as Set, was a power hunger tyrant and persecute those who refuse to submit to him or to serve him, until the other gods came and drove him away. Through out history, there are religious war after religious war in regions that worship Yahweh and continue persecution upon those who worship other gods. Sometime even wars between 2 different religions that both worship Yahweh. These religion war and religious persecution range from the Crusades, to the Inquisition to the modern Taliban and ISIS. Prior to the Christian era, the western world got the mighty Roman Empire and ancient Greek civilization, after the church took power, we soon see the dark ages, inquisition, crusades, black plague and people only living up to 35. And with people started moving away from the bible in the 17th century, we see the rise of Age of Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution and democratic revival. 

From this religious point of view, it can even be argue, the evil Islamic terrorist attack is part of the plans of the evil Yahweh, thus, only by seeking the protection of the Satanic gods, can we have salvation. Evil Yahweh, first use Islamic fanatics to kill Christians in London, as a result, some of those painful soul that cannot reincarnated, but must die again and again and again, started look for a substitution ghost (替死鬼), via super nature mean and when there are so many ghosts, as a result of 3 terrorists attacks in London, in a matter of months, their combine power can be quiet powerful, so, those seeking substitution ghosts are able to let that 25 storage tall building caught on fire, so people would die and become their substitution ghosts. Thus, it can be argue, our only true salvation now, is to seek help from the Satanic gods and the Satanic faiths and hopefully, the other gods, have a way to put these restless souls to peace. 

Just to remember, the last time the western world follow the way of Yahweh, it got 100 years of black plague and people live only to 35 years old. Interesting, human are able to live to their 70s and 80s if die of old age, yet most Europeans then, die at 35 and got 100 years of black plague that killed 90% of Europe's population. The South American turtles that can live up to hundred of years, if died of old age, most likely, would live to well over 100~200 years old, at least. Somehow, despite been the smartest animal on earth, while following the ways of Yahweh, Europe was doing even worse, then turtles. Not surprising, consider the bible make education a sin, resulting in, people not conducting research to find out what cause the plague, but just keep going into churches to prey. In addition, if the black plague is a disease transmitted by air, then with so many sick people cramp into the church 24/7, preying for the plague to end, it is only nature, for the plague to spread even faster. From a religious point of view, one could argue, such evil, is exactly what Yahweh want and from a religious point of view, image how many restless soul looking for substitution ghosts. This is what the evil Yahweh want, To cut us off from resolution to find the problem and to save our self, so we can be pawns in his game of torture. Once again prove, only Satan, is our real salvation. Hail Satan.

If the London fire is a part of the plan of the evil Yahweh, then obviously, we must seek help from the Satanic gods and priests of the Satanic faiths. And obvious, Yahweh would do what he can to stop it, just like how he stopped us, from searching for a cure to end the black plague hundred of years ago, by making education a sin. Even today, his evil grapes upon the western world, is not as strong as it once were, if we practice ritual from the Satanic faith, regardless of whether it is Buddhism, Hindu or another pagan religion, the evil Yahweh would possibly, still send Islamic terrorists to disturb the ritual or send those same Christian fanatics that goes on angry protests that says "god hate fags", to launch another angry protest, maybe even riot. Partly, because Yahweh would only allow worshiping of him, funded by the government, but not of other religions, but even more, he would do all in his power, to stop the Satanic gods, from protecting the people of London, by giving these tortured souls peace, against Yahweh, who want to torture soul after soul, as the ghosts in pain, look for substitution ghosts, initiated by him telling those Islamic fanatics to launch 3 terrorists attacks in a row, within a matters of months, in London.

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